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Apollo Nine specializes in applying a unified approach to all visual aspects of your business.


Entering uncharted frontiers that require identity development, or time for a rebrand of your Sputnik era corporate image? We create one of a kind logos and develop remarkable brand platforms.

Web Design

Impactful online communications don't need to be big budget to capture the imagination of your audience. We can make your web presence easy to update, hard to ignore and amazing to look at on all devices.

Print Design

Our print expertise ensures that your visual solutions are on brand and your business communications on point. From business cards, stationery, and postcards, to signage and advertising, we can help you get your message out.


Have a product you are dying to sell online? We can help you get your virutal store up and running. We have built online shops using WP-Ecommerce, Shopify, SquareSpace, Lightspeed, Magento and more.

Fun facts about Apollo Nine

First website built

Cats owned

Open for business

Successful Missions

What We Do

We help our clients focus their business strategies through consolidated communications in both print and digital media. The result is a consistent design approach executed on time and on budget.


We ask a lot of questions. What is your business? What makes you tick? Who are your competitors and what makes you better? Let's tell everyone.


We create multiple concepts that address what we have learned from our research. The idea is to get to the essence of your needs and communicate them in a visually compelling way.


Time to roll up the sleeves and get our hands dirty. This is the step where things get done, code gets written, print hits press and galaxies are born.


Most projects require some additional care and feeding. From website updates and maintenance, to ongoing brand development, we have you covered.

When you make something no one hates, no one loves it.


Our multi-disciplined approach lets us handle most assigments in house - keeping our overhead down and our rates affordable.

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Apollo Nine specializes in developing visual design solutions in both print and digital media, ensuring a consistent unified approach to all your visual marketing materials.

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